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Article 1: SCOPE


The present terms of sale are concluded on one hand by the company SAS VOXXI9, company of French law whose head office is: 197 rue of Belleville, 75019 Paris, France.

Registered in Paris under number 79847545500019. VAT identification number :  FR28798475455.
Associated founders: Frédéric Robert and Nathalie PUECH-ROBERT.


The present general terms of sale apply to all the orders or reservations received by Internet, fax, mail and are valid when the order is passed. Any order involves the complete acceptation of the Customer without reserve on the present general conditions.
Thus any other condition established by the buyer is by default non-invocable to the seller.
If the seller, at some point, violates one of the mentioned conditions, it cannot be interpreted as a renunciation of the seller of the set of general terms of sale.
The SAS VOXXI9 company is the owner of the VOXXI9 website and is holder of the set of the rights relative to it. Except prior and express authorization of the company, it is forbidden to copy or to download all or part of the site or its contents.

Article 2: COMMAND


The orders or the reservations can ne processed the following ways :

- on the site:

- by e-mail message:

- by mail in: VOXxi9, 197 street of Belleville, 75019 Paris, France

Any order or reservation will be confirmed by an e-mail, under the condition that the customer communicated his e-mail address.


Article 3: PRICES


The prices are indicated on our site, in Euro, inclusive of all taxes, excluding expedition charges. They are subjected to the French VAT.
The shipment charges are according to the weight of products and destination.
The indicated prices are modifiable at any time without advance notice. However, articles will be charged on the current base to the recording of the order or the reservation.
In case of order towards another country than metropolitan France, customs duties or other local taxes (local VAT, customs tax, import duties, etc.) may be due. These rights are in the exclusive load of the customer and are of his full responsibility both in terms of declarations as of payment in competent authorities.
All the orders, whatever is their origin, are charged and payable in Euros only.
Products remain the property of SAS VOXXI9 up to the complete payment of the price, whatever is the delivery date of the product.



You can settle, online, by PayPal on his secure site (it is not necessary to open an account PayPal, the site also proposes a direct payment by bank cards (MasterCard, American Express, etc.). The address of the site PayPal is supplied to you at the time of the order.

If you prefer to pay your purchases by check, you can also send your reservations via our web site or by mail and send us a check, compensable in France.
By bank transfer
I f you prefer to pay your reservations by transfer, the web site will display  the bank details.
Checks are collected 15 days before the expedition. This extension allowing us to verify the solvency of the payment. No rebate will be applied compared with the price indicated on the site for cash payment. In the absence of payment the shipping of the order and the reservation will be cancelled.
Any outstanding payment or incident of payment (false account ID, defect of reserve of the customer account) will be charged 15,00 €.

Article 5. DELIVERY

The delivery address can be different from the billing address. Both addresses must be indicated on the order).
The orders are processed for a maximum of five ( 5 ) working days as from their date of reception by SAS VOXXI9 or on Web site.
The orders taken place by the on-line store are sent under 5 working days maximum (except summer vacation period in the course of which a message will be sent to you to give you the dispatch date of the order.
SAS VOXXI9 takes the necessary measures to minimize the risks during the transport. These risks are chargeable to the Buyer as from the moment when the ordered article leaves the place of SAS VOXXI9. In case of damage during the transport, the motivated protest must be formulated with the carrier within three days as from the delivery.
Unless otherwise stipulated during the order, any delivery made beyond thirty ( 30 ) days because of SAS VOXXI9 can give rise to the termination of the order by the Buyer and to its refund.


According to provisions of the article L. 121-16 of the French Code of the consumption, the customer has, as from the delivery, 7 working days to return the order for the purposes of exchange or of refund..
The return right obliges SAS VOXXI9 to refund the paid sums by the buyer within 30 days.
The customer has to take at his/her expense the return shipping cost of the goods. The product will necessarily have to be returned in its original packing, intact, accompanied with all the possible accessories (non-worn, nor washed for textile articles).


Only sales made directly by SAS VOXXI9 may be the object of exchange or refund request.. For other types of sales (eBay, internet, stores.), the customers will have to address their seller.
Any complaint concerning the quality of the sent products will have to be made within 15 days upon receipt of the parcel. It will have to be formulated, clearly and exactly, by email, at the following address:, accompanied by 2 or 3 justificatory photos.

In case of request of exchange, the transport costs and other possible expenses (customs duty, etc. ..), for the return of products for SAS VOXXI9, are chargeable to the customer except preliminary and written agreement. In case of impossibility of exchange and after agreement for the return (sold out series), a refund will be made upon receipt.



The customer is solely responsible for the choice of products, for their preservation as from the delivery and as from their use. In no case SAS VOXXI9 could be held responsible for any damage occurring of this fact.
SAS VOXXI9 guarantees that products belong in perfect condition during the handing over to the carrier. This is the only guarantee granted by SAS VOXXI9.
No other express or tacit guarantee is given. In particular, SAS VOXXI9 could not guarantee that products complies with the specific expectations of the customer.
SAS VOXXI9 could not be held responsible for the non-fulfillment of the contract concluded in case of force majeure, of disturbance or all-out or partial strike, in particular, postal services and means of transportation, flood or fire.
SAS VOXXI9 will incur no responsibility for any consequential damage because of the present (operating loss, loss of profit, loss of chance, damage or feesl).



The customer related nominative information can be the object of an automated treatment.
SAS VOXXI9 makes a commitment not to reveal in thirds the information which are communicated to him. These are confidential. They will be used by his internal services only for the treatment of the orders and to strengthen and personalize communication and offer of products.
The present article cannot prevent the transfer nor the transfer of activities in a third.
According to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), every customer has an access right, a rectification, and an opposition to the personal data concerning him. To do it, the customer just has to request online or by mail by indicating its name, first name, address and if possible customer reference.

In application of the article 1124 of the French Civil code, the not emancipated minors are incapable to contract. Accordingly, the SAS VOXXI9 company could not be held responsible in case of collection, without its knowing, for nominative data concerning a minor.

Article 10. LINKS

Our site can supply, or third parties can include, links towards other Web sites or other Internet sources. As far as SAS VOXXI9 cannot control these sites and these external sources, every user recognizes that SAS VOXXI9 cannot be held responsible for the provision of these sites and external sources, and can bear no responsibility as for the contents, the advertisements, the products, the services or quite different available material on either from these sites or external sources. Furthermore, every user recognizes that SAS VOXXI9 cannot be held responsible for any damage or losses turned out or adduced consecutive either in connection with the use or with the fact of having trusted the contents, the goods or the services available on these sites or external sources.


SAS VOXXI9 archives the orders and the invoices on one or several reliable and long-lasting medias constituting faithful copies according to provisions of the article 1348 of the Civil code.
The SAS VOXXI9 documents will be considered as proof of the communications, the orders, payments and transactions intervened between SAS VOXXI9and its customers.


Only the present conditions in French language are valid.
The rights and duties of the parties are governed by the French law, more particularly in the regulations of the remote sale (articles L. 121-16 in L. 121-20 of the Code of the consumption integrating the directive 97/7 IT of May 20th, 1997 relative to the protection of the consumers regarding remote contracts. The acceptances, the drafts, the mandates, money orders, the shipping conditions do not bring either novation or dispensation to this clause.
For any disputes and challenges, whatever is the nature or the cause, only will be competent the commercial court of Paris.

Article 13. CONTACTS

- By e-mail
- By mail way

197 rue de Belleville

75019 Paris


By virtue of the article 6 of the law N 2004-575 of June 21st, 2004 for the digital trust, it is specified to the users of the site, the identity of the responsible acting persons 

Owner: VOXxi9 - SAS 798 475 455 - 197 rue de Belleville, 75019 Paris, France
Creator: Frédéric Robert
Responsible for publication: Frédéric Robert -

The person in charge publication is a natural person or a legal entity
Webmaster: Frédéric Robert -
Host: WIX - Inc. Address: 500 Terry A François Blvd San Francisco, That 94158 Phones: 1 415-639-9034

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